At Syscomptech we provide worldwide Bulk SMS Services that enables you to send text messages on any mobile operators across the globe. We provide connectivity to send SMS using SMPP Connection, menono.com Web SMS, Desktop SMS or Bulk SMS API's designed to suit any of your programming languages. Using our Bulk SMS HTTP API connection you could send SMS from any of your legacy applications or systems - this helps you to build trust between you and your customers while keeping them engaged with your offered products and services. We provide proactive round the clock monitoring, support and maintenance service on our Bulk SMS Gateway such that we could give  you a 99.99?ptime guarantee for sending SMS across the world.


Bulk SMS Features

Our Bulk SMS Gateway provides you several features to run bulk SMS Campaigns:

  • Long Text Messages
  • Unicode Messages
  • WAP Push
  • Binary SMS
  • Flash SMS
  • Phonebook / Address book
  • Group Messaging
  • Reminder SMS
  • Alert SMS
  • Online Delivery Reports
  • Unlimited Sender IDs
  • Bulk SMS Applications

Bulk SMS is used for targeting massive recipients to achieve instant goals for the company. Sending mass SMS at instant speed within short time helps you to reach a larger number of audiences and to make new customers as well. Bulk SMS is used by media companies, banks, enterprises and governments for sending mass notifications, alerts and for promoting offered services and products. It is used for campaigning, surveying and for polling depending on the nature of SMS services preferred for promoting or gathering the data from your target audience. Bulk SMS is widely used in churches, stock markets, commodity market, logistics, automobile industries, tours and travel, news channel, entertainment industry, sports, political campaigns, insurance companies, new product launches, event promotions, market research and many more.




SMS Short Code numbers, also known as special numbers can be used to request information, register an enquiry or to make donations to charity. They are used to capture content information displayed on all forms of print advertising, television and radio, outdoor media, promotional literature, point of sale goods, direct mail or on fleet vehicles.

They are designed to be shorter and more memorable than a standard telephone number. They also reply back to the consumer with your message or content within a matter of seconds.

Benefits of using Syscomptech Short Code Services:

  • Syscomptech provides short code services that covers all GSM & CDMA networks across Nigeria
  • Syscomptech provides both dedicated and shared services
  • Most competitive setup rates in the market
  • Short code is the most effective audience feedback tool. Your prospect can respond before the moment has passed. SMS provides an instant response round the clock.
  • Backed by a dedicated technical and innovative marketing team
  • 2-way system level API integration for software or messaging aggregators



All forms of recurrent notifications require a level of automation (if not total automation) to guard against errors and increase of turn around time. Notifications such as transactions alert, birthday greetings, news alert, result notifications, etc require automation. A simple program is developed and/or embedded in your current operations software by Syscomptech.