is a fully owned messaging company of Syscomptech Communications Ltd.

At we provide Bulk SMS Service worldwide that enables you to send and receive text messages on any mobile operators across the globe. Our Bulk SMS Gateway provides you with a wide range of SMS products that enables you to send and receive SMS anywhere in the world. We provide connectivity to send and receive SMS using SMPP Connection, Web SMS, Desktop SMS or Bulk SMS API's designed to suit any of your programming languages. Using our Bulk SMS HTTP API connection you could send SMS from any of your legacy applications or systems that help you to build trust between you and your customers and keep them engage with your products and services being offered at the same time helping you to gain new customers for your business. Using our Bulk SMS Gateway we could guarantee you 99.99?ptime guarantee for sending SMS across the world.


Syscomptech is committed to a proactive reseller development program that enables her partner to benefit immensely from reselling Syscomptech offered products and services as independent businesses without brand or pricing conflicts such that our partners do not see us as super competitors but rather as their back end support providers.

Syscomptech provides the following partner support services:



Every reseller is provided with an SMS kiosk similar in operations and features to our pilot website The site is fully named and branded in the reseller’s business name.

Each reseller SMS kiosk is provided with a unique API, such that independent integrators see them as their own source.



Syscomptech provides solutions development and integration support to resellers wishing to deploy SMS based solutions for their end users or to establish SMS connectivity service via a website using our gateway API.



Our reseller prices are hugely discounted to allow for maximum profiting on the part of our client while allowing them better flexibility in setting their prices in the market.

Over draft credit facilities are available for resellers who have built loyalty and trust relationship with Syscomptech.



Resellers provide first level support to their client, while Syscomptech standby technical team would provide proactive 24/7 back end support to the reseller. We have experienced sales and technical teams that would guide the reseller in providing his services with the most competitive unique selling preposition to his target market.